Forest industry consulting


Biovalue uses Tigermoth forest estate modelling software and is also experienced with Remsoft Woodstock modelling platform. Biovalue staff have completed wood flow modelling projects for forest owners and wood processors in Australia and South East Asia.

Wood flow modelling

Biovalue can complete the all components of forest valuation and acquisition due diligence:

 Area validation

 Growth and yield modelling

 Forestry costs

 Markets and prices

 Discount rate

 Optimized forest estate model

 Cash flow forecasts

Valuations can be compliant with financial reporting and/or accounting standards as required. Valuation experience includes softwood and hardwood plantations, natural forest and sandalwood plantations.

Forest valuation and due diligence

Biovalue can assess the technical and financial feasibility of proposed bioenergy and forestry projects.

Feasibility studies

Biovalue has experience in delivering the following projects:

 Broad scale land suitability assessment

 Short rotation crops and tree plantation crops grown for biomass

 Resource reviews for pellet and bioenergy production

 Assessment of residues from forest harvesting